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A Little History

Capablanca, Alekhine, Fine, Keres, Alexander, Milner Barry, Flohr, Spielmann, Golombek to name just some of the  famous Chess players that have played at Margate  between 1935 and 1939.

Tribute to Geoff Steele & Mick Croft

Geoff Steele & Mick Croft were two great members of Margate Chess Club.

For many years they made significant contributions to Thanet Chess.


Margate Chess Congress

Left to right: Vera Menchik, William Robert Noble (Mayor of Margate) and Sir John Simon. He recalled that he had opened many things in the course of his life, oysters, sardines, law-suits innumerable; but nothing that had brought him more satisfaction than opening this chess congress.

In nothing did Sir John Simon show the sincerity of his interest in chess more than in his expressed hope that the congress might see the origin of some entirely new line of play which would perpetuate for ever the name of Margate in chess literature.

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