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Our Season games

Club Championship – time control – 36 moves in 90 minutes, followed by a 15-minute quick-play finish; open to fully paid-up members – £55 to join for the year; all play all once followed by a mid-way split, with the top half playing for the Harmsworth Cup, and the bottom half for the Homewood Cup. Sent for grading.

The Margate 100 – time control – all moves in 100 minutes; a 5-round Swiss, one game per month from January to May; open to all players from any club. The player with the best grading performance will win the William Jeffery Cup from this year. Sent for grading.

Quick-play – time control – 15 minutes each, with 5 rounds per evening in the form of a Swiss, dotted throughout the year; open to all players from any club. Sent for grading (rapid-play).

Knockout – The whole competition to be played on the one night, usually late in the season, with 30 minute games in 3 rounds, the lower graded player gets black and white must win to progress to the next round or win the final; open to all players from any club. Not sent for grading.

Summer Competition – time-handicap running for 3 weeks, usually in July, signalling the end of the season, with a half-hour split and 6 rounds per night; open to all players from any club. Not sent for grading.
We play against other clubs in the Thanet & East Kent Chess League in various competitions throughout the season, all of which consist of home and away matches against all other clubs in that competition, except the Mick Croft Cup, with the same time controls as our Club Championships and they are all sent for grading. Players must be members of Margate to play for the team, either fully paid-up or they pay £2.00 per night, even if away.

Millar Cup – 7 boards, no grade limit.

Hargreaves Shield – Maximum grade 140,
4 boards. (we are not in it this year).

Walker Shield – Max grade 115, 4 boards.

Geoff Steele Cup – Ave. grade of 125 over 4 boards

Mick Croft Cup – Ave. grade of 125 over 5 boards, this is a knockout competition between the clubs.

The League also holds a few one-night competitions at Margate, such as Buzzers and Quick-Plays, for teams and individuals, plus the end-of-season Jamboree consists of clubs all playing each other in one long game, but all the teams are mixed up, so given enough teams there will be no 2 boards playing against the same club.

The chess season is the same as a school year – running from September to August – but things usually go quiet after May, although we don’t have a summer shut-down, and people can play all year if they wish


Our team.

We meet every Thursday at 7.30 til 11:00.
All are welcome whatever your playing strength
John Clarke
Michael Davies
Roy Dawson
Keith Findley
Leon Garfield
Collin Gregory
Ian Hames
Clive Le Baigue
Roy McAloney
Peter McGill
Michael Micklethwaite
Harry Sharples
John Thorley
Chris Wyer




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    John: 07886225014

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    Union Church hall Margate

    Keep in touch

    John: 07886225014

    Where to find us

    Union Church Hall Margate